The Myant 95 mask: how it works

The Myant 95 is the world's first fabric, reusable mask to achieve >95% particulate filtration* (>0.1 microns). The previous best fabric masks on the market achieve <50% particulate filtration*. The Myant 95 is truly revolutionary. How are we able to achieve this?

The Myant 95 mask is made up of 3 distinct layers, each with a unique purpose:

1. An inner layer made of natural cotton
2. A middle layer of bridging Lycra
3. An outer layer of hydrophobic polyester with a unique knit structure created by the Myant engineering team

In addition to this, there is an edging layer with a nose and chin bridge, along with adjustable ear straps for the great fit and comfort.


These layers, together with our patented knit structure, form a fabric, washable + reusable mask that with particulate filtration* (>95% filtration)* and breathability.