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Why Myant PPE for your Business?

As we begin to reopen and return to a new normal, Myant wants to ensure you are equipped with the tools you need to keep your employees safe. Whether you're a small business or enterprise organization, Myant offers discounts on all of our masks no matter the quantity you need. With a capacity to produce hundreds of thousands of masks and several options to choose from, we guarantee you’ll find the right mask for your business.
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Made In Canada

Myant PPE is owned and operated by Toronto-based Myant, Inc., the industry leader in design, engineering, and manufacturing of connected textile solutions. All of our masks are made at our Toronto location.

Made with Copper

Many of Myant PPE masks are made with copper and silver. Silver and copper are known for antimicrobial properties.

Ready to Ship

Myant has a variety of masks that are ready to ship. Ranging from high-visibility to ones that are built with nose clips, you are sure to find a ready to ship mask that will match your business needs.


With Myant’s wide selection of styles and colours as well as logo placements we can ensure your masks become an extension of your company’s brand.