Myant Masks that Protect Dental Professionals

In a post COVID19 world, would you choose to lean-in towards other people's open mouths for prolonged stretches of your day?

 That is the reality facing the dental industry professionals as they look for ways to resume serving their communities but in a safe and responsible way. To address this need, Myant has been working closely with Dr. Natalie Archer, D.D.S. to design a mask specifically for dentists and other dental health professionals that leverages Myant's array of textile innovation, including the incorporation of copper and silver yarns which are materials that have known antiviral and antibacterial properties. Read more in the Global News article below (which features comments from Myant EVP Ilaria Varoli) and stay tuned for more announcements about this initiative in the near future. 

Global News- Digital screenings, PPE and no waiting rooms — how COVID-19 is changing dentistry

Myant Announces Partnership with Dental Expert Dr. Natalie Archer for Innovation in PPE for Dentistry 

While the dental professional masks are currently in development you can sign up below to be notified of updates. 

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